"Hi Jim and Arbe:

I saw an article in the Empire today concerning North Pacific Erectors stepping up to help the Glory Hole recover from the recent flooding of the rescue mission's building.  I wanted to express my appreciation that you have deployed work crews immediately to help the Glory Hole quickly get back in business at their location so they can effectively and efficiently provide the services in winter time that some of our less fortunate people need.  You and your employees deserve to be commended for your benevolent hearts in such a timely manner.

You and your company are a credit to our community, and I consider myself blessed from to have gotten to know you and some of your employees as you constructed our Family Life Center at GV Baptist Church.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous 2015, I remain in awe of your kind hearts.

Best wishes,

Al Aitken, GV Baptist Church"

“…we are very happy with the way NPE and your subs carried out the work in our occupied building.  We were able to continue to provide quality services to the individuals and families we serve and minimize the disruption to our employees during construction.  I've had a lot of appreciative feedback from our staff and supervisors and I know that the credit belongs with you guys; good communication and high expectations were the order of the day.  Thanks for a job well done.”

- Aaron, REACH

"NPE has been involved with Coeur Construction projects over the last 4 ½ years, beginning with the mine process facility at Kensington and ending as recently as December 2010 with the completed construction of the Kensington Tailings Treatment Facility and Comet Beach water treatment plants. Their involvement with these projects was in the following areas: Heavy Equipment Rigging/Setting, Excavation/Backfilling, Concrete Forming/Placement, Steel Building Erection, Interior Building Finishings, Structural Steel Installations and modifications and Steel Tank Erection. They have performed well for us on all of these projects. Their management group works hard to meet project schedules and aggressively seek work arounds when confronted with logistics obstacles. Their skilled field crews work efficiently and well with other contractor groups working in the same and/or immediate areas. "

- Robert Leger - Coeur

"North Pacific Erectors (NPE) has bid and successfully been awarded a variety of work at Coeur Alaska’s Kensington remote minesite located 45 miles north of Juneau, Alaska.We have found them to work safely, with no lost time accidents. Their field employees and site supervision was always cooperative, proactive to changes and their workmanship was excellent. Problem solving and schedule changes/work around plans with minimal impacts to cost were an asset to the job."

- Jeff Stacy - Coeur

"NPE has established itself as a company that can provide a superior product while still remaining competitive due to their ability to plan ahead and perform the work efficiently. The foresight, communication, and willingness to cooperate that NPE demonstrated made all the difference on this complex construction project. I was impressed with both the quality of the materials and the quality of the workmanship on the project."

- John Hollatz - Wilson Engineering

"Working with North Pacific Erectors in the past two years has truly been a pleasure. NPE's competitive pricing, extremely competent labor, attention to details, and to the needs and the unique situation at The Glory Hole has made it possible to complete several capital projects in a non-stressful and productive manner."

- Mariya Lovishchuk - GloryHole

"I have been asked to provide you with comment on my working relations and association with North Pacific Erectors, Inc, (NPE), especially as that relationship evolved when they built a new hangar and cargo facility for Wings of Alaska in Juneau. I will provide some examples in support of my strong commendation of NPE, however, in brief; they are an outstanding Southeast Alaska business organization that understands the nuances of building in this environment. The owners were involved and committed in our project, they took great care to focus on the detail, before, during and after completion of the project and they employ a professional and competent workforce. "

- Bob Jacobsen - Wings of Alaska

"First I want to inform you about the fact we are not US Residents, we are living in Belgium. We own property, among others in Juneau, Alaska. We built a commercial property (12,000 sq ft) with retail store on first floor and dorms on second floor, which is everything but simple. Meeting the endless building requirements and restrictions of the City of Juneau, as well as our high level European standards is not to be under estimated. Building with NPE was a unique and wonderful experience for us.  NPE took care of every arising problem."

- B. Roeland & H. Flamee - Belgian Residents


"...I want to thank you for the great work of your entire crew that worked on this project.  We may have ran into several bumps and roadblocks but none were insurmountable with the additional work performed by your incredibly competent crew and office staff members.  I think everyone you have in the home office had a hand in helping make this project a success.  Sometimes I think they performed miracles.  I can’t thank you all enough for the support!

I look forward to another great construction season this year with you and the fabulous crew we've got out here!  It’s nice to see the same faces!

Thanks! "

- C. Atkinson - Hecla Greens Creek Mining Co.





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