The 920 Dry Addition

Location:  Elevation 920, Admiralty Island, Alaska

Owner:  Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company

Project Manager:  Chris Gilberto

Scope of Work:  Construct an addition to the client's existing steel building in order to provide additional showers, locker rooms and locker basket storage for the miner’s work clothing.  Miners and those associated with the industry commonly refer to these facilities as to the “Dry Room”, hence the name of this project being “The 920 Dry Addition”.  This addition also included provisions for an expanded ambulance bay and the addition of a welding bay.  Administrative offices were also added on the second floor of this addition to afford the client a more centralized communications system near the work zone for its mine manager and other vital personnel.


Project Timeline : March 2011 – December 2011


Locker baskets are a space-saving idea that allows miners to suspend their work clothing from the ceiling and still have space below, not to mention heat rises, so their gear dries faster!



Lockers and benches installed to ensure safekeeping of workers' personal items while at work

Hand washing station between the lockers and the showers

Showers installed and ready for use

Working on the second floor administrative offices