CBJ Seawalk, Phase 2

Project:  CBJ Seawalk - Bridge to Gold Creek, Phase 2

Location:  W 8th Street, Juneau, AK

Owner:  City & Borough of Juneau

Project Manager:  Gerald Olson & Chad Strong

Scope of Work: This Project consists of an extension of the downtown Juneau Seawalk from the the Bridge Park to Gold Creek.  This phase of the seawalk includes about 1,000 feet of pile-supported walkway, complete with guardrails, lighting and site furnishings.  The seawalk structure is divided into two segments - one from Bridge Park to an intertidal island, and another from the intertidal island to the Egan Drive embankment near Gold Creek. An enlarged deck area and intertidal access near the corner of the ADF&G headquarters will be featured as well as an overlook at Gold Creek.


Driving a pile in the intertidal area

























Looking from Gold Creek towards the habitat island

Helping the Friend of the Whale set their new sculpture

Getting ready to cut off the pile

Looking back towards the work

A section of the seawalk's substructure

Looking towards the Fish & Game folks

Grinding a recently cut pile