Centennial Hall Interior Renovations

Project Name
:  Centennial Hall Renovations

Location: 101 Egan Drive, Juneau, AK

Owner:  City & Borough of Juneau

Project Manager:  Mike Sturrock

Scope of Work: This Project consists of Replacement of domestic piping in building; renovation of existing public and staff toilet rooms and addition of new toilet rooms, and janitor areas.



Digging in the the new water lines for the Phase 1 new bathrooms

New plumbing installed and concrete infill complete

New wall framing starting to get installed


Ahhh, the finished product!

Another view of the new restrooms, phase 1 complete

Enter Phase 2 - Demo out the old bathrooms for new plumbing

Out with the old, in with the new

The new plumbing is in, now to start re-building

More plumbing in another busy little wall

A view of the completed sinks in one of the new restrooms

A view of the nearly completed restroom

A view of the completed main women's restroom