Thane Storage Facilities

Project:  Thane Storage Facilities

Location:  Mill Street, Juneau, AK

Owner:  North Pacific Erectors

Project Manager:  Karl Vandor

Scope of Work:  Site work, foundations, concrete slabs, erection of new metal buildings, siding installation, etc.  Project slated for completion in early 2015.




Getting ready to pour the foundations at the first building

Pouring foundations at the 2nd building

Starting the erection of the first building

Pouring the floor slabs in the first building

Close up of the guys using a screed roller to pour the slabs

More screed roller work on the floor slabs of the 2nd building

A couple of custom tents with the help of our boom trucks to keep the rain off of the slabs

Erection of the first building nearly complete

A panoramic view of the first building with all siding and flashing nearly complete


















































































Work on the sheeting the walls on the 2nd building

Looking down the back wall of the 2nd building