DIPAC Macaulay Hatchery Uplands Expansion - Raceway Building

Project Information:

Name:  DIPAC Hatchery Expansion - Raceway Building

Location:  2697 Channel Drive – Juneau, AK

Owner:  Douglas Island Pink and Chum, Inc. (aka DIPAC)
Project Manager:  Karl Vandor
Scope of Work:  Perform all necessary civil preparations and construct a new raceway building.                     Project Timeline: April 2012 - August/September 2012



A view from the water of the completed raceway building

First Day of Setting Steel

Day Three of Steel Erection

Form work taking place on the concrete raceways

Raceway walls now filled with concrete

An aerial view of the DIPAC Facilities:  The Hatchery, The Raceway Construction & The New Warehouse

Exterior siding nearly complete on the new raceway building

A peek inside the new raceway building - insulation is going in, then more steel catwalks