Greens Creek Mine Shift Housing Facility

Project Information:
Name: Greens Creek Mine Shift Housing Facility Project
Location: Greens Creek Mine, Admiralty Island, Alaska
Owner: Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company
Project Manager: Chris Gilberto
Scope of Work: Construct a shift housing facility for the clients in order to provide additional housing for miner's to stay at during their shifts at the mine site.  To accomplish the work, piling will be driven to accommodate newly constructed modular building units; then the units will be set with NPE's crane, connecting the units as they go, then completing the installation by roofing over the units, performing all finish work on the inside and lastly constructing a series of stairs connecting this new facility to the mine's existing support facilities.

Driving the last support piling for the shift housing facility

Looking down the alignment of some of the recently driven piling

Hillside of the housing facility nearly complete

A look at the inside corner of the facility

Looking at a completed side of the housing facility

Stair construction to the new shift housing facility


Working on the covered stairs

Looking up the covered stairway that leads to the new shift housing facility