Lake Dorothy Hydroelectric Project

Project Information:
Name: Lake Dorothy Hydroelectric Project
Location: Taku Inlet, Alaska - 30 miles south of Juneau
Owner: Alaska Electric Light & Power Co.
Project Manager: Karl Vandor
Scope of Work: Provide all construction trade labor, materials and expertise in this design-build hydroelectric development. Construct maintenance shop & emergency crew quarters, powerhouse foundations and building, all steel penstock thrust blocks, the transformer/substation foundations, the Bart Lake Dam & Valve Vault intake structure, the Lake Dorothy Lake Tap Tunnel Plug and Dishcharge/Drawdown piping, East Terminal site civil work and all other construction support services.
Project Timeline: 2006 through 2010

Pouring the concrete face of the Bart Lake Dam.The Bart Lake Powerhouse Foundation Footing Construction.Bart Lake Powerhouse (L) & Maintenance Shop (R) completed construction.The Lake Dorothy Lake Tap Tunnel Plug.The lake side of the Lake Dorothy Tunnel Plug the day before the lake tap.Construction of one of the penstock thrust blocks above the powerhouse.